AQHA Affilate

International Affiliate’s general purpose :

To expand awareness of American Quarter Horses worldwide and to comply with and develop rules and procedures to assist the International Affiliates of AQHA in this endeavor.

1. The promotion and welfare of the American Quarter Horse.

2. To provide beneficial services for its members which enhance and encourage American Quarter Horse ownership and participation with AQHA and International Affiliate.

3. To generate growth of AQHA and International Affiliate membership via the marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity of the American Quarter Horse.

4. To educate horse owners and the public regarding the benefits of registering eligible quarter horses with AQHA.

5. To address the concerns of American Quarter Horse owners in International Affiliate’s country and communicate such concerns to AQHA and, if applicable and appropriate, the country government

6. Promote, both internationally and within International Affiliate’s country, country-bred and/or country-owned American Quarter Horses